Words Their Way: Word Study for Phonics, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction, 5/E

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By Donald R. Bear, Francine Johnston, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton. This phenomenon in word study has always been extremely popular for its developmental approach and hands-on methods for teaching children phonics, vocabulary, and spelling skills. The revision offers a new laser sharp focus on assessment, organization for word study, research, and teacher-friendly word sorts and games. 432 pages.

Building on its best-selling approach, this edition of Words Their Way continues the phenomenon that has helped thousands of children improve their literacy skills. This Fifth Edition features updated activities, expanded coverage of English learners, and emphasis on progress monitoring. All new classroom videos, an enhanced assessment application tool available on a new Web Resources site, as well as enhanced word sorts, picture sorts and games offer teachers even more tools that will enhance their word study instruction. With its clean new design integrated media guide, and marginal notes that link readers to resources on the accompanying web site, Words Their Way, 5/e provides a complete word study package. New! Redesign and integrated media guide—highlights media that supports each chapter. Marginal notes link the reader to specific video, sorts or assessments on the Web. NEW! An accompanying online resource site, PDToolkit for Words Their Way features two-tier media support First, tools for teaching, including: enhanced assessment application tool featuring new user-friendly navigation instructional strategies Create-your-own word sorts tool hundreds of additional word sorts, games and templates Second, all new how-to classroom videos showing authentic implementation of the Words Their Way approach each chapter includes three to four new video clips

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