Words Their Way with Struggling Readers: Word Study for Reading, Vocabulary, and Spelling Instruction

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GRADES 4 - 12 By Kevin Flanigan, Latisha Hayes, Shane Templeton, Donald R. Bear, Marcia Invernizzi, Francine Johnston
Focuses on specific needs of older struggling readers in upper elementary, middle, and high schools. Teacher friendly, ready to use activities available in each of the instructional chapters.

The thrust is intervention — specifically, utilizing word study with its hands-on, assessable approach to aid students struggling with the vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension load of middle and secondary classrooms. This text will help you determine student needs, provide you with the strategies to guide each student toward success in content area comprehension, and even outline ideas for fitting these strategies into your crowded schedule. You’ll have the tools you need to help your students acquire the literacy skills they need to meet the ever-increasing demands of school life. Uses a two-pronged approach to word knowledge instruction: (1) orthographic knowledge (phonics, spelling, decoding) and (2) vocabulary knowledge. Pages: 360

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