Words Their Way: Letter-Name Alphabetic Sorts for Spanish-Speaking English Learners

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By Donald R. Bear, Lori R. Helman, Marcia Invernizzi, Shane Templeton, Francine Johnston. Words Their Way Word Study for Letter Name-Alphabetic English Learners: Letter, Picture, and Concept Sorts for Spanish Speakers is a new text providing strategic assistance for teachers working with native Spanish speakers. 160 pages.

Based on the same solid research and using the same scope and sequence laid out in Words Their Way with English Learners, this companion volume begins with a series of picture concept sorts that teach students how to sort, providing guidance to help teachers make sorting meaningful. The text develops a routine for introducing the English vocabulary, helping students learn the vocabulary before they sort. The words for study are selected based on their phonetic properties as well as their usefulness in reading, speaking and understanding grade level content. The text addresses the needs of the letter name-alphabetic speller, whether young or not so young. The text is careful to include sorts more appropriate for older learners, as well as advanced EL students needing more concept and vocabulary support.

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