What Really Matters in Vocabulary: Research-based Practices across the Curriculum

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By Patricia M. Cunningham. In What Really Matters in Vocabulary, Pat Cunnigham brings the very meaning of vocabulary to life and shows teachers what really matters is building bigger vocabulary to make all students better readers. 208 pages.

In What Really Matters in Vocabulary, Pat Cunningham clearly explains that vocabulary isn't just a predictor for comprehension. She reminds teachers how much vocabulary matters and how complex it is to teach children meanings for words. Drawing on her experience as a classroom teacher, researcher, scholar, author, and co-founder of the Four-Blocks Literacy Framework, Pat Cunningham offers elementary teachers a practical model and friendly strategies for helping ALL students develop their vocabularies. Guiding teachers to use all available resources to build rich meaning vocabularies for students, Pat helps to ensure every student's success in school and beyond.

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