Stop and Go, Yes and No : What Is an Antonym?

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Grades 2-5, Title 1 Approved! By Brian P. Cleary, illustrated by Brian Gable
Series: Words Are CATegorical ®
What Is an Antonym? You’ll find the answer inside this book—it’s all about antonyms! Author Brian P. Cleary and illustrator Brian Gable creatively clarify (not confuse) the concept of antonyms. Their clever (not foolish) rhymes and comical (not serious) illustrations combine to highlight key words. Each pair or group of antonyms is printed in color for easy identification.

Reviews Reviewed by: The Horn Book Guide, School Library Journal Review Excerpts: * "The bouncy lettering style enhances the whimsical rhymes and makes for yet another strong addition to collections of books about the English language." --School Library Journal * "...the storybook form makes the language arts lesson enjoyable." -- The Horn Book Guide * "Effectively presents examples of antonyms and creates an engaging learning experience."--Oneota Reading Journal

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