Sing & Read Readers Variety Pack

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Grade Level PreK-1 Author - Jean Feldman, PhD
Twelve popular Dr. Jean songs have been hand selected and transformed into delightful readers. These fun and whimsical stories support early learning concepts by nurturing oral language, alphabet recognition, and print knowledge. 12 pages each

These motivating stories are easy to act out and make learning fun! Variety Pack includes one each of the following: 1358 Color Train 1359 Five Little Monkeys 1360 Action Alphabet 1361 Dinosaur Boogie 1362 Rules Rap 1363 Birdies 1364 Nursery Rhyme Rally 1365 May There Always Be Sunshine 1366 I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a One 1367 Twinkle Friends 1368 My Mother Is a Baker 1369 My Hands on My Head

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