Poem of the Week Book 5: Spelling Rules, Advanced Phonics, and More!

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Grades 3-5. Spelling Rules, Advanced Phonics, and More! by Betsy Franco. This book contains 42 poems are included to illustrate the rhythm and cadence of poetry and to raise the awareness of spelling and advanced phonics rules, including curriculum-related poems for creative writing, social studies, and science. - Title 1 Approved

These poems focus on spelling patterns your students will find in long and short vowels; the sounds of aw, or, ur, ir; unaccented vowels; silent letters; soft c and g; double consonants; prefixes and suffixes; the endings of er, -est, -ed, -ing, -el, -le, er, -or, -est; unusual plurals; possessives; contractions; compound words; and more! Along with the poems and suggestions, we've provided strips for each poem that fit into the Desktop Pocket Chart. A Teaching Resource Center original publication by author Betsy Franco.

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