Phonics Practice Simplified: Book A

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(Grades PreK,K,1,2) Sequential development of concepts and skills. Recognizing, matching, and identifying letters; consonant sounds; hard and soft sounds; long and short sounds. 48 pages. Answer key included.

In this book, children are introduced to the twenty-six letters of the alphabet and how each letter sounds. The hard and soft sounds of letters c and g are taught as well as the short and long sounds of a, e, i, o, and u. For each letter, children are given visual cues with labels so they can say words and listen for the sound. Then they practice finding words that begin with that sound. Practice exercises help children discriminate between two or three sound-symbol associations. Answers included. 48 pp.

Variety of teaching approaches and techniques (Listen and Color; Complete and Choose Words; Use Picture Clues; Use Rhymes; Letter and Sound Recognition). Frequent opportunity for review. Comprehensive with clear, child-friendly layouts. Provides quality practice in quantity with dozens of examples help students respond quickly and accurately. 

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