My Very Own Poetry Collection K: 101 Poems for Kindergartners

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Grades K. 101 Poems for Kindergartners by Betsy Franco. Poetry is such a perfect way to introduce kindergartners to the early stages of literacy. It's brief. It's fun. It's got rhythm! The poems in this personal poetry collection have been carefully crafted to meet the specific needs of kindergartners. 198 pages. Title 1 Approved

Themes and topics used by most kindergarten teachers are the focus of the collection. There are poems about friendship and family, the seasons, the first and last day of school, animals, and much, much more. Most of the poems are from four to six lines long, making tracking easier for the emergent reader. The longer poems have very few words per line or include lots of repetition. In addition, an "anchor word" begins nearly every title and poem. Having a high frequency word as the first word of the title and the poem gives kinders a sense of confidence. Once they've read a word that is an old friend, off they go! All poems are in strip form for desktop pocket charts! The poems in this personal poetry collection written by the author of the popular Poem of the Week series have taken into account themes and topics in these grades. Kindergarten poems focus on: friendship and family, the seasons, the first and last day of school, animals and much, much more. For individual, group, and whole class work, we've provided the tools you need. Each poem has a student poem page with an engaging illustration. This enables students to create their own personal poetry collections. For group and center work, we've provided strips that fit into the Desktop Pocket Chart. We've also included instructions for enlarging the poems for use as poetry posters. A Teaching Resource Center original publication by author Betsy Franco.

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