My Very Own ABC Book

SKU: TRC-53520100


Knowing letter names provides the child with a way of talking about units of print in both reading and writing, a reference point to which children can anchor their knowledge, and a context for learning letters. When children place the included word and picture cards in their books they are associating pictures and words with an appropriate beginning sound. You can introduce the alphabet by sequence, by the frequency of occurrence, or by the order your basal text chooses. Each 56-page, 5.5 x 8.5-inch booklet is printed with key pictures and letters representing each of the letters of the alphabet. Includes 5 booklets, a detailed procedure guide and 1 set of pre-printed sheets of 144 beginning sound pictures and 195 sight words. Photocopy the picture and word cards onto paper and provide your students with glue sticks. A Teaching Resource Center Original Publication!

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