Literacy Work Stations

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Grades K-3. By Debbie Diller. This book will help teachers solve the dilemma: What does the rest of my class do while I'm working with a small reading group? 224 pages.

Debbie Diller offers practical suggestions for over a dozen literacy work stations that link to instruction and make preparation and management easy for teachers. Learn how to set up work stations, how to manage them, and how to keep them going throughout the year. Each chapter includes: * how to introduce each station; * materials to include at each station; * what to model; * how to solve problems; * how to differentiate; * how to assess and keep students accountable; * reflection questions for professional development. Materials in both English and Spanish are provided in the extensive resource section. Throughout the book the author has included photos of literacy workstations from a variety of classrooms in which she has worked to illustrate the methods discussed in the text. Table of Contents Contents 1. What Is a Literacy Work Station? 2. How Do I Teach with and Manage Literacy Work Stations? 3. Classroom Library 4. Big Book Work Station 5. Writing Work Station 6. Drama Work Station 7. ABC/Word Study Work Station 8. Poetry Work Station 9. Other Possible Work Stations 10. Planning for Practice at Literacy Work Stations Appendix A Appendix B Appendix C Appendix D Appendix E Appendix F Appendix G Appendix H Appendix I References

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