Literacy Task Cards Set 2 - Vocabulary Development: All 3 Levels

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(Grades K-2) This is the first set of task cards for the classroom that recognizes the importance of productive activities for building students’ concept knowledge in order to develop vocabulary. Buy the complete Set 2 - Vocabulary Development Literacy Task Cards and save an extra 10 percent!

Developed with authors Linda Dorn, Carla Soffos, and Teresa Treat, the Task Cards for Comprehensive Literacy Model are proven successful in Reading First Schools Nationwide and supports the development of reading, writing and spelling systems with manipulative-based, multi-sensory interactive tasks that promote problem solving! A Teaching Resource Center original product. Students need to learn analytical strategies for classifying words according to meaningful relationships, thus promoting their ability to think by analogy. As students learn words, they group them together into knowledge domains. It is through these categorical associations that new readers understand deeper layers of meaning in words. The classification activities in this set of task cards will focus your students’ attention on language concepts such as meaning categories, analogies, synonyms, antonyms, prefixes and suffixes. The complete set includes all three levels: Literacy Task Cards Set 2: Vocabulary Development - Emergent Level

  • Emergent Level: students learn how to sort pictures by meaning categories, such as things that fly and things that do not fly, or by beginning and ending sounds. Students match pictures and words, sorting them under meaningful categories.
  • Includes: 21 tasks, including 123 picture cards and 49 category cards
  • Skills: gives students opportunities to sort pictures of everyday objects into categories that gradually increase in difficulty.
Literacy Task Cards Set 2: Vocabulary Development - Early Level
  • Early Level: students expand their concept knowledge, sorting more complex pictures and words under categories such as living and nonliving, sink and float, and punctuation sorts. Students learn to use simple analogies for classifying concepts by specific relationships.
  • Includes: 40 tasks, including 123 picture cards, 198 word cards, and 33 category cards.
  • Skills: students sort both pictures and words by school- based concepts such as reptiles vs. mammals and solids vs. liquids. They also look for relationships between common objects such as (Letter:mailbox = coin:piggybank); thus, they begin to employ the concept of analogy.
Literacy Task Cards Set 2: Vocabulary Development - Transitional Level
  • Transitional Level: the analogies become more complex. For example, antonyms and synonyms become categories for forming relationships between word meanings. An example of an antonym task would be: whisper:yell = cheap:expensive. As with all levels, the student writes how the words are related.
  • Includes: 32 tasks, including 209 word cards and 49 category cards
  • Skills: have students sorting only the word cards and the analogies increase in complexity. They start by matching root words to the words with prefixes or suffixes added, and identify analogies and apply them to concepts such as part to whole (petal:flower = skin:potato), synonyms, antonyms, and things that go together. Finally, they match words with their synonyms and antonyms.
*Please note: in order to make these materials as affordable as possible for teachers, the task cards, picture cards and word cards are delivered in sheets and do require cutting. Many teachers have told us this is a great task to ask parent assistants to help out with! Labels, mini storage baskets and foam letters shown in the demonstration videos are sold separately.

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