Literacy Task Cards DVD - Set 1 - Word Building

SKU: TRC-53580150


Title 1 Approved

NEW and IMPROVED! The 30-minute Literacy Task Card DVD presents actual classroom footage. Viewers are shown first grade teachers as they model a task from each level with a small group of students. This product is Title 1 approved.

After each modeling session a student from the group works on the task in a word building center. The DVD is refreshingly spontaneous and will give you great insight into the power and effectiveness of the Literacy Task Cards. - TRC Literacy Task Cards are a set of literacy activities that guide students attention to the print-sound code. - After you demonstrate a few tasks for your class or small group, your students use the cards in independent work at literacy corners. - Developed with authors Linda Dorn, Carla Soffos, and Teresa Treat. - DVD shows you how to use the Set 1 Word Building Task Cards.

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