Jingle Jangles

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Grades K-2 By Margaret Allen, Ph.D.
Fun, familiar favorites for fluency practice

Reaserch has confirmed that the more children practice reading, the more fluent they become. Jingle Jangles features 32 interactive scripts and minibooks based on familiar songs and chants that provide this necessary element of repeated reading practice in a fun and interactive way. This motivating format keeps children's interest level high throughout several "takes" of the same text, leading to more fluent and confident readers. Using a variety of research building blocks for teaching children how to improve their reading skills, Dr. Maggie has done it again! Jingle Jangles helps children practice something that is often overlooked when teaching them to read-fluency. Children develop reading fluency when they have multiple opportunities to orally reread the same passage. The challenge is to provide this repeated reading practice while maintaining children's interest. The interactive scripts and mini-books in this resource provide interesting, patterned text that gives you an opportunity to model fluent reading to children and for children to practice rereading orally. In addition, the interactive reading strategies and reproducibles provide a fun and exciting stage for the scripts and mini-books not only to come alive but to stay alive. This keeps children's level of interest high throughout several "takes" of the same text. 128 pages

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