I Wonder Why The Sun Rises

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Grade Range: k to 3, Age Range: 5 to 8, by Brenda Walpole - Title 1 Approved
What is a leap year? Why are bees busy in summer? Who eats the moon? Why does it get dark at night? In this fascinating book children will find out the answers to these and many more questions about time and seasons.

"I wonder why," "how come," and "why does" are typical phrases children use to form questions. Children want straight-to-the-point answers in an understandable language when seeking information. Kingfisher is known for its comprehensive yet understandable format used for helping children obtain answers to their questions. Thirty-one questions are asked and answered in this book, which should satisfy inquisitive youngsters in search of information about time and seasons. An index lets young learners look up topics of interest without reading the book from cover to cover. The illustrations provide vivid pictures to aid in comprehending the text. The size of the book is also worth noting, as it is the perfect size for a young reader. However, in its paperback form, it may not withstand an abundance of handling. This book is a great resource as it relates to the Standards of Learning 2.7. Picture Book Nonfiction, 8 1/2 x 6 9/10 inches, 32 pages,

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