Guiding K-3 Writers to Independence

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Grades K-3) Guiding K-3 Writers to Independence: The New Essentials by Patricia L. Scharer and Gay Su Pinnell. In this breakthrough book, internationally respected literacy researchers Gay Pinnell and Pat Scharer introduce us to community writing, which centers on the relationship between group writing, such as shared and interactive writing and children’s own independent writing development. 288 pages.

Key essentials the authors show teachers include: How to help young writers “own” their topics; children write best when their writing is based on authentic topics of their choice - ideas, stories, and events that are real for them. How to use quality children’s literature to support your teaching; the authors demonstrate the importance of reading quality books to children in ways that invite children’s thoughts, questions, and observations before, during, and after the reading. Conversations about books help children learn about the writer’s craft. How to teach writing all day long - beyond the writer’s workshop; children learn about writing in a range of instructional contexts each day.

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