Beginning Sound Cards (5-pack)

SKU: TRC-53530410


All of our materials use the same full-color, whimsical sound picture cues for consistency and constancy. Use the materials in conjunction with your basal lessons or with your Words Their Way word study! Set of 5, 9" x 12". This product is Title 1 Approved

The Beginning Sound Cards (9" x 12"), provide references for letter/sound matching; the vowel sounds are "true" short vowels, not influenced by a following "r" or "l". Sound Cards (or "sound boards" or "alphabet cards" as they are sometimes called) provide for students references for letters and sounds found at the beginning of words. For each sound there is a picture and key word to help students internalize the association. When students write, the sound card is an easy reference when hunting for a letter for an associated sound. When reading, the sound card is there as a visual aid in determining the sound for associated letters. Heavy cardstock and coated for durability.

  • Great for reading readiness, word study, ESL, ELL
  • Everything you need for your beginning reading curriculum
  • Works in conjunction with the Words Their Way program!
  • Set includes (5) 9" x 12" cards

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