Beginning Blend and Digraph Sound Cards (5-pack)

SKU: TRC-53530440


Sound Cards (or "sound boards" as they are sometimes called) provide for students references for letters/sounds found at that beginning of words. For each blend and digraph there is a picture and key word to help students internalize the association. Set of 5, 9" x 12". This product is Title 1 Approved

When students read or write, the sound card is an easy reference when hunting for a letter for an associated sound. Also, this particular sound card helps students figure out word families - students can write the "rime" of the word family on a small card and slide it around the sound card to help generate more words. Heavy cardstock and coated for durability. 9" x 12".

  • Great for reading readiness, word study, ESL, ELL
  • Everything you need for your beginning reading curriculum
  • Works in conjunction with the Words Their Way program!
  • Set includes (5) 9" x 12" cards

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