All Sorts of Sorts 4: Word Sorts for Vocabulary Development for Upper Grades

SKU: TRC-53520390


(Grades 4-8) All Sort of Sorts 4 focuses on the word and phonics patterns and phonics principles that upper grade students encounter in their daily reading and written work, providing much-needed repeated exposure to multi-syllabic words. A Teaching Resource center original publication. This product is Title 1 Approved

Sheron Brown, former reading specialist and Reading Recovery teacher, has carefully sequenced an extensive set of word sorts that cover a huge range of spelling and phonetic patterns. The format for each book is similar: 20 to 30 words on a page with category headers so that you and your students can sort in multiple ways: open, closed, speed, blind, and writing sorts.

Great detail is taken to correctly identify and sequence the sorts by pattern in a developmental way. These are sequenced, developmental sorts and as such offer you an important teaching tool for your remedial, at-risk, and ELL students. By Sheron Brown Grades (Grades 4-8)

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