All Sorts of Sorts 3: Word Sorts for Vocabulary Development in the Content Area

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(Grades 1-4) In this addition to the very popular All Sorts of Sorts series, author Sheron Brown has turned her eye towards vocabulary instruction. Vocabulary acquisition has been shown to occur through repeated and multiple exposures, through active engagement in learning tasks, and through incidental learning. A Teaching Resource center original publication. This product is Title 1 Approved

In these sets of sorts, the students are exposed to words commonly covered in science, math, health, and social studies. By categorizing them by different characteristics of meaning, students can reflect on their meaning and make concrete connections. Active manipulation of the words in these new contexts further reinforces vocabulary development.

There are extensive teacher suggestions and instructional formats including assessment ideas. Your students will love the sorts format as they begin to incorporate these important content area words into their sight vocabulary. There are over 140 total sorts and, as always in All Sorts of Sorts, they are ready-to-use. Sheron Brown (Grades 1-4)

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