Stressing Over an Exam? Follow These Tips! February 08 2012

Taking a test at the Real Estate Investing College

You don’t have to be in grade school to utilize test taking tips. Whether you are in high school, college, or even graduate school, it will benefit you to know how to properly take a test. Follow these tips and get ready to ace your next exam!  

1. Understand the Question

After you write your name on your exam, you’re ready to tackle the first question. Read the question and make sure you understand what it’s asking you. If you don’t immediately understand what the question is asking of you, don’t assume that it’s a trick question. Assume, instead, that you simply don’t understand the question and may need to come back to it later.

2. Answer the Question

Answer the question in your head before you ever look at the answers. Once you’ve answered the question, look at the answer options and see if any match up. If they do, chances are that you’ve just earned yourself a point. There's a better than average chance that, if you answer several questions in this manner, you'll boost your confidence and perform better on the test as a whole.

3. Eliminate Answers

If you are unsure of a question’s answer, but know that you understand what the question is asking, look to see if there are any answer choices that you can eliminate. Doing this may help you select the correct answer from the options that you have left.

4. Skip What You Don’t Know

Don’t waste time on questions for which you don’t have an answer. Mark questions that you don’t know the answer to and come back to them later. If you don’t immediately know an answer, skip it and revisit it once you have answered the ones that you do know. Doing so will maximize the time you have to take the exam.

5. Don’t Second Guess

When you are absolutely positive of an answer, mark it with a star or a dot; some type of symbol that will alert you to the fact that you were certain of the answer when you gave it. When you go back through your exam to answer questions you were unsure of, you can quickly skip over those that you’re sure of. This is another great time saving tip!

Part of passing a test is in how you approach the test itself. By using your time efficiently, you can be sure that you will have plenty of opportunity to think about the questions you are unsure of. Always answer the questions you know first, skip over those that will take you more than a minute to answer and review your test before you hand it in. Most of all: relax! If you’ve studied properly, there is no reason that you can’t earn, at the very least, a passing score.

Peter Harrington is a career counselor and content contributor for, a great source of online college rankings and information and tuition rates for top online degrees.