5 Fantastic New Books for Your Kids’ Library January 26 2012

Whether you are a primary school teacher, a parent, grandparent or indeed a librarian, you are probably always on the lookout for new books that will inspire, excite and intrigue your little ones. I’m the same and devour every single mention of new books so I can add them to the collection in my classroom.

I like to ensure that there is a wide variety so that every child has a book that might just spark their love of reading. I don’t like to play it safe either; children can have surprisingly complicated lives, and the right book can really grab their attention, unlike a less focused Molly Goes to the Biscuit Factory Again by Billy Boredom (I do hope that’s not a real book.)

So to the books:

Another Brother by Mathew Cordell

It seems a year can’t go by without one or two of my students welcoming a new sibling into the world. This book is a perfect thing to present them with when this happens as it is told from the perspective of a fairly disapproving little boy/sheep who may just relate perfectly with the feelings of my student. It’s a fun book, more than a particularly realistic one.

How the World Works by Christiane Dorion

For little scientists, this book caught my eye as it won the Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize, which is judged by a panel of young people - always a good sign. It is great book for explaining things about the world; like the weather, and doesn’t do it in a patronising way.

The Diabolical Mr Tiddles by Tom McLaughlin

I just loved the whole concept of this book and just knew so many of my kids would love it. It is basically about a cat that steals all manner of crazy items for its owner. Kids with cats will love it all the more, and parents of kids without one will be getting pestered after this. I laughed out loud reading this and so did the children.

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

I think this book will be great for teaching children to appreciate the value of money and to avoid obsessing about what things are worth and having all the latest toys. I certainly know a few of them. It is a great read, is written by the guy from Little Britain (you know the one who swam up the Thames) and would be good for kids looking for a book they can get stuck into.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

For kids going through tough time, this book is a bit controversial but an excellent read none the less. It features a 13 year old haunted by a monster/tree while his mother is dying. Indeed it isn’t light hearted, but it does give children in a similar situation something to relate to. Plus it’s been shortlisted for Children’s Book of the Year by Red House, so it is certainly well written. Let’s just say: issue with care.

About the Author: Alison Kingdom is a primary school teacher with a particular passion for children’s books. She feels every classroom should be stuffed with kids bookshelves with childrens desks set up for reading time.