Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Children January 07 2012

For mums with young children, nothing could mean more than a gift on Mother’s Day made by the fair hands of their little ones. Dads may well lend a hand ordering some chocolates or flowers, but teaming up with the kids to make something or come up with a personalised present can help make the occasion even more special. Here are five great ideas for families to work on together to treat mum this Mothers Day 2012, no matter what age your children.

Make Your Own Cards

Letting you kids loose to get crafty with colored cardstock, glue and glitter can turn Mother’s Day cards into a thing of unique beauty, no matter how much of a mess they make. Handmade cards are something for proud mums to treasure for years to come. Even if your children are too young to get to grips with the craft scissors or dad is struggling for time to stock up on the glue and glitter, you can still come up with personalised cards by ordering one online and adding your own photographs and personal messages.

Homemade Chocolates

Sticky fingers can make some tasty treats and kids will love getting busy in the kitchen to prepare some secret sweets and chocolates for mum. They don’t have to make artisan chocolates from fresh cocoa, but making your own treats can be as simple as melting some cooking chocolate into a bowl and adding some Rice Krispies to create crispy cakes. The children can be as creative as they want decorating them as well. It’s probably best dad orders a box of posh chocs as well, just in case...

Photo Montage

It’s too easy these days with digital cameras, mobile phones and Facebook to take photographs and then never get them printed off. But photo prints are the perfect way to create lasting memories to treasure and celebrate those happy family times. The children can pick out their favourites pictures and then help out putting the print-outs into frames, or arranging them into their own special collage for a gift that is bound to take pride of place in the family home.

Treat Hamper

Letting your children loose in the aisles of the supermarket may sound like a dangerous game, but with your help they can stock up on all of mum’s favorites; chocolates, cakes, jams, snacks, wine, whatever she wants! Put it altogether into a simple hamper and add some decorative flourishes and mum has the perfect tasty present from her children to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2012.

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