Teaching Young Children to Count with Games January 05 2012

The essence of who we are today largely depends on how we were educated as youngsters. Because early educational development is the precursor to our more advanced education, it is vital that parents take an active participation in helping to form the cognitive functions of their child’s minds. One of the most critical skills that your child will need to learn early on is that of counting, so let’s take a look at how to get your toddler interested early.

Counting makes up the basic principles of mathematics as well as in everyday life and should be one of the very first concepts your child attempts to learn. As numbers will always be a part of our daily existence, teaching your child to count should begin even before they reach preschool. The problem, though, is that children at this age are more inclined to playing than learning. So, how do you get to keep your little tykes interested in counting? The answer may be simple: Integrate fun into your teaching methods.

1.    Counting Fingers

The concept of counting should be indoctrinated in your child’s mind even during their infancy. Even at a very young age, a child’s brain can already function and retain basic information. When giving your baby a bath or when changing their clothes, make sure to count aloud each of their tiny fingers and toes. When they reach the terrible two’s, try counting some of their sweets before they eat them.

2.    Counting Rhymes

Fortunately, there are an array of sing along rhymes that have proven to be very effective at capturing the interest of toddlers. Music and sounds are great ways to get your children to count along with fun nursery rhymes they can easily understand and recall. You can also play these sing along counting rhymes in the car to help your child retain their interest in numbers.

3.    Counting Blocks

When your child reaches the toddling age and begins to play on his or her own, you can give them different sets of connecting blocks to play with. While they keep busy trying to build the tallest tower, ask them to count how many blocks they are able to use. This will help your child harp on their mathematical skills as well as boost their imagination and enhance creativity.

Oftentimes, you do not need fancy books or toys to teach your child to count. When shopping, give your child the freedom to count items, like the number of cereal boxes, sodas, or potatoes that you buy. Little kids want to be just like grown-ups, so allow them to pay for your small purchases so they can learn to count money as well as perform simple addition and subtraction tasks. When going up or down a flight of stairs, ask your toddler to count each step, or you can have them count the number of houses you pass by when driving around the neighborhood.

The key to effectively teaching your little one to count lies in how much fun you can make it for them to do. With these easy tricks, you can be assured that your child will be able to count on their own in no time.

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