Top 8 Education Apps for iPad2 December 20 2011

With the educational apps of the iPad, you and your students can experience the joy of studying new discoveries with the power of multi-touch and media. The following dowloadable apps for the ipad offer kids fun and educational ways of interacting with curriculum and technology, with some fun added as well!

1. MathBoard

One of the best integer practice apps or programs. An amazing app that allows kids to work on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems is MathBoard. With the innumerous customizable options, make math fun for kindergarten kids. Download it at

2. Dinosaur Zoo

This isn't your average zoo. Your kids can learn about and interact with dinosaurs, including important facts such as the latest paleontology discoveries and the study of prehistoric maps regarding where dinosaurs roamed the earth.
Download it at

3. Powers of Minus Ten - Cells and Genetics

With the power of Minus Ten app, you can actively zoom into human palm and explore environments with 3D display. Learn the basics of biology and the structures of certain key cells, molecules, and proteins that exist in our bodies. Download it at

4. Fish School HD by Duck Duck Moose

Fish School welcomes you to have fun with numbers, alphabets, colors, and more! The creators of Wheels on the Bus bring an award-winning, educational iPhone app. This app is the winner of the Parent’s Choice Gold Award 2011 and the Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award from Parents’ Choice Foundation. Download it at

5. Intro to Letters by Montessorium

Accredited in the Apple iPad commercial ("iPad is Electric”), and one of the best iPad app 2010 is Intro to Letters. This app allows students to have fun and learn at the same time while reading, writing, tracing, recording letter sounds, practicing letter names and working with phonograms under Montessori methodology. Download it at

6. TED

A great app for older students, TED’s official app for the iPad consists of presentations from some of the most charming and appreciated people round the globe in subjects that include medical dynamics, education, technology, business principles, and music, among others. Over 900 TEDTalk videos are available on the official TED app on iPhone and iPad. Download it at

7. Star Walk for iPad - an interactive astronomy guide

This astronomy app allows your students to watch the sky during the day or night. This iPad app is well-known and awarded, including the Achiever of Apple Design Award 2010 and certified by Apple as the Best App of 2009 and 2010. Allow your students to observe the constellations, stars and satellites by simply pointing the iPad at the night sky. Download it at

8. GeoMaster Plus HD

A fun way to learn about geography using interactive games in this iPad app. High-resolution maps including 8 games and an atlas can be enjoyed with this new version. Download it at

If you're using iPad technology in your classroom, we'd love to know about it! What apps help your kids interact with curriculum? How do you use iPad technology in the classroom?

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