10 Excellent Fundraising Ideas for Kids December 16 2011

Children make excellent fundraising partners. Major organizations, like the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, know that it's difficult to turn away an earnest child trying to earn money for a cause that's important to him or her. That said, not all fundraising ideas are suited for younger volunteers. The following are 10 excellent fundraising ideas for kids:

  1. Door-to-door sales. As mentioned, big organizations know the power of a cute child turning up at your doorstep asking for your help in supporting his or her cause. Select a product that's different than what other organizations are selling and ensure that kids only go door-to-door with an adult, for the first of our fundraising ideas for kids.
  2. Lollipop Bouquets. This is a great at-school fundraiser for older kids in junior high or high school. Their fellow classmates pre-purchase a bouquet of lollipops wrapped in tissue paper to look like flowers. Then, on a specified day, the bouquets are delivered to the recipients.
  3. Car Wash. Assign washing, rinsing and drying duties to the kids, to maximize productivity. Have a couple of the youngsters stand along the street with signs, advertising the car wash and for whom the money is being raised.
  4. Lemonade Stand. Whether your younger fundraisers want to do this on a small scale in their neighborhood or on a larger scale at a local craft fair or similar event, a lemonade stand teaches children the basic concepts of running a business, while raising money for a charity.
  5. Can Drive. Number five on our list of fundraising ideas for kids not only helps out your charity, but the environment as well. Kids can collect cans at home, from local businesses (especially at restaurants that serve soda by the can) and from their family members and neighbors.
  6. Penny Drive. Have children collect their spare pennies over the course of several weeks or months, and donate them to your charitable cause. They can even put spare change collection jars out at local businesses in order to increase donations.
  7. Ice Cream Social. Who doesn't love ice cream? Have the kids not only sell tickets to the event, but also have them help customers with their ice cream toppings and with cleaning up after the event.
  8. Kids' Garage Sale. Have children go through their toys, games and outgrown clothes and hold a child-centric garage sale. They can clean out their closets while helping out a good cause in the process!
  9. Talent Show. Children can show off their talents while raising money for charity. Have them sell tickets to the show to their family, friends and neighbors.
  10. Babysitting. Perfect for tweens and teens, hosting a fundraising babysitting event gives parents a chance to enjoy a night out while their children enjoy fun activities and games with other children.

Randall Davidson is the head author of Fundraiser-Ideas.net, a leading resource about easy fundraising ideas. Fundraiser-Ideas.net offers a variety of helpful fundraising guides, including a long list of creative fundraising ideas.