Santa-Themed Learning Activities for the Classroom December 12 2011

Santa's mysterious and fascinating presence can be quite the motivator for good behavior in kids this time of year. Embrace the cultural tradition of Santa Claus, but use the following lesson plans to give Santa and his reindeer more of a kick in your classroom this holiday season!

1. Before kids can craft a letter to Santa, they need to decide what they want. Use this What I Want for Christmas in Five Paragraphs writing lesson plan with your kids, differentiating as needed for skill level.

2. Once kids have decided what they want, have them write final drafts of their letters on the Free Letter to Santa template.

3. Have some fun with younger kids by making this free Santa Paper Bag Puppet Printable or this Christmas Activity Placemat.

4. Don't forget Santa's reindeer! Pass out the materials for this Reindeer Race Craft and Game for an afternoon of fun in your classroom and print out this Writer's Workshop Reindeer Puppet and Mini Book for some independent creative learning.