Surviving - and Enjoying! - Christmas in the Classroom December 02 2011

Just in case you hadn't realized, it's December - we're deep into excitement territory for kids in our classrooms. This month

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could prove to be quite challenging, but the following simple tips and humorous observations will help keep you in the Christmas spirit while maintaining your sanity!

1. First, stop by Surviving December in the Classroom With Sanity to solidify your plans for next few weeks in your classroom. Building this foundation will give you the freedom to make changes without any added stress.

2. If you plan to write newsletters for the Christmas holiday and winter season, check out this December Newsletter Template, which contains both versions.

3. Do you need a quick and easy holiday-themed bulletin board idea? Head over to December Bulletin Board Ideas and use one of them with your students' help to celebrate the fun of the season.

4. Should we be afraid to celebrate Christmas with students in our classrooms. This article, Is Christmas a Bad Word?, makes a case for using the dreaded word "Christmas" with our kids.

5. And finally, a ounce of laughter is worth a pound of sanity. Here's my own personal list of favorites regarding the Top 10 Reasons Teachers Love December!