Christmas Classroom Management Ideas December 01 2011

It's December 1st already, and just in case you forgot...Christmas is in 24 days!

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We can be sure that our students are well aware of this fact concerning the calendar. These classroom management ideas have helpful tips and useful reminders about how to create a calmer December with your kids.

1. Head over to Classroom Management and Holidays for ideas on how to use your face and voice to help kids maintain self-control in the classroom, as well as a couple of useful tips on engaging students as the excitement of the holidays sets in.

2. Plan now for homework provisions for the break. Two weeks is a long time to go without some structure and learning opportunities for kids, and Homework Ideas for Winter Break contains printables and additional ideas to send home with kids as Christmas break begins.

3. This time of year provides a valuable opportunity to build relationships with your students through gift giving. However, as teachers, we don't have money for gifts for students. Wrap those worries way - Free Gifts to Give Students provides fun and simple ideas for Christmas gifts you can offer the students in your classroom!