Solar Car Science Fair Projects December 02 2011

Take a joyride with solar car science fair projects. Capture the opportunity to learn how to create a solar car and discover fun ways that solar energy can be used. With this experiment, you will realize the strength of photovoltaic solar panels and how it’s used to give power to cars. All you need is a little creativity and you’re sure to be a huge success at your next science fair at school.

Solar Car Experiment Process

1. Think of an interesting objective that you want to explore with your solar car. You will notice that you will be most satisfied when you answer a question that you most likely want to know


  • How much solar energy of the photovoltaic cells needs to be exposed to sunlight for the solar car to be powered for the whole day?
  • Will the solar car only need one hour of solar energy charging or a whole day of solar charging?
  • Either way, how long will the solar car run with each charge?

Be creative and explore all points of interest. There are tons of sites that are good resources to help you get your information.

2. Create a hypothesis of what you thing may happen.

3. Gather all materials needed to accomplish your experiment. Know the basics of what the components of a solar car are. Look to Super Science Fair Projects website for unique ideas and additional materials that you may need to complete your experiment such as time measure instruments.

4. Create the course of action of how you conducted your experiment with a detail explanation of the step-by-step process to get the final conclusion. You should include all data (photos and time charts) for a clear observation.

5. The conclusion is the final step. Summarize the results that you gathered from completing the experiment. Basically restating your hypothesis and the all the data gather from charging you’re solar.

6. Include any reference information from sites, books or articles that was collected and used which assisted you with your experiment. This just gives your credibility and tools for completing a thriving project in the future.

There are many options for solar car experiments. Now you can use fuel cells and hydro-solar cars for your science fair projects. With a little drop of water and miniature care you can create an excellent project!

Madeline Binder, MS. Ed. has been involved in environmental issues since the '70s. As an educator she believes it is important for students to be engaged in renewable energy solar science fair projects as a means of influencing future decision makers. "Your young scientist is our planet's future!"