Three Useful Pre-Christmas Activities To Do With Kids November 28 2011

With the festive season approaching, why don’t consider some new and fun things to do with your kids in order to keep the Christmas excitement strong and have a memorable Christmas experience!

Create a Good Deeds Christmas Calendar

With kids in the classroom or at home, create a "Good Deeds Calendar" that follows the pattern of the advent calendar to count down the days until the Christmas holiday. For each day, have children decide different good deeds that they could participate in, with a bit of chocolate or dried fruit and nuts to celebrate the good behavior.

This Good Deeds Calendar can help focus their behavior during the exciting Christmas season and encourage the spirit and practice of giving to others. An important rule of thumb is to be consistent when it comes to using the calendar. When the calendar is finished and Christmas has arrived, you can share their good deeds with family members, and perhaps have Santa Claus write a little note for your children to go with their gifts at home to thank them for participating in the spirit of giving.

Plan for Christmas Shopping for Parents and Kids

It is nice to involve children with planning Christmas shopping in order to encourage the spirit of giving. In the classroom, this can involve making wild "wish lists" of presents that kids would buy family and friends, then figuring out the cost of each using store ads to compare prices and find the best way to save money. Once this is done, it's important to address the practical realities of gift-giving as a child. Since kids actually have little or no money, it's important to give them a few choices of Christmas gifts to make in the classroom or at home for the people on their lists.

During a shopping trip, parents can have their children help purchase items on a list, including certain ornaments, lights, fake snow and other Christmas-related items. This fun activity teaches children about budgeting, making and following lists, finding the best prices and quality of items, and using money to purchase products. It's also fun, regardless of the age of the children involved. For younger children, include notes with pictures of the items you need and have them look for it in the store. This will also prevent your children from wanting other stuff as they are pre occupied with the things they need to get that is on their list.

Decorations for Home and Garden Sheds

It's easy for kids to create Christmas decorations to give as gifts, but decorating for the garden can also be fun during this time of year. Have children in the classroom make stepping stones that feature reindeer tracks or festive holiday messages. For the kids at home, string multi-colored lights and create Santa’s grotto out of an ordinary garden shed, where you can also have Santa Claus drop the Christmas gifts. To make it even more special, have Santa’s foot prints in the snow, and leave a little note from Santa Claus on the garden door! This is a great way to spend quality time with your kids as most parents often stay inside when the kids are out to play in the snow. Decorating the garden shed is a lovely family experience, whereby you can be outside with your children for the Christmas excitement!