5 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Kids November 14 2011

The holidays are much more fun through the eyes of babes. It is no wonder, however, that it often becomes a whirlwind ofchaotic energy. Thanksgiving can be particularly challenging as it often revolves around food and not toys. That is why it is best to have at least 5 fun Thanksgiving activities for kids to occupy them. Below are a few ideas so you can enjoy the holiday too.

Perform a Thanksgiving Play

Kids all the way up to pre-teen age love to put together a performance. Gather them in a circle and ask them if they would perform a Thanksgiving show to entertain your guests at home or organize to perform for other classrooms in your building. Offer them old clothes, hats, shoes, props, pencils, crayons and paper and plenty of time to practice.

Find the Turkeys

This activity requires index cards and a box of crayons. Give each child 3 index cards and tell them to draw completely different turkeys on each one. After they are done, collect the pictures (make sure each one has their name on it) and hide the pictures throughout the house or classroom. Combine this activity with sight words or math facts for extra practice, then release the kids to search for the cards - whoever collects the most, wins.

Blindfolded Catch 'Em

You will need: a box of large paper clips, cardboard, string, a broom handle, bucket, scissors and a magnet. Cut out Thanksgiving themed shapes (turkey, pumpkin, leaves, Pilgrim hat) and put a 1, 2 or 3 on the back. Punch a hole in each one and attach a paper clip. Put them all in a bucket. Tie the string the broom handle and the other end to the magnet. Blindfold each child and one by one have them fish for a shape. The one with the most points (the numbers on the back) wins.

Blindfolded Turkey Points

On a large poster board outline a giant turkey. Draw sections inside it and place a number from 1-10 in each section. Cut out a small paper turkey. Tape the poster to a wall. Put tape on the paper turkey, blindfold a kid, turn them around three times and guide them to tape the paper turkey on the poster. Record the number they placed it on. After 3 tries each, the one with the most points, wins.

Guess your Guest

Give each child a paper and a pencil. Give each child several names of different guests or classmates. Tell them to approach each guest and ask them what their favorite thing about Thanksgiving is. The guests should be prepped to be short, yet specific in their description. Gather the guests together and have each child read each explanation without revealing who said it. The guests all write down who they think said it on a piece of paper with their name on it (the person who said it writes 'me'). Put the papers in a pile. Reveal who said it. Whoever wrote that name gets a point. The most points win.

Getting the kids to have fun without a computer or video game is priceless. Take pictures the whole time; they will go a long way.

About the Author: Matt Tomasino loves to cook and knows how difficult it can be to keep kids busy during the holidays. When he's not cooking (and blogging about it), he can be found writing phlebotomy career guides and informational material for school programs.