Children's Games with a Vacation Twist November 03 2011

With the invention of the Wii and Xbox, many children spend their time indoors playing computer games. Why not encourage your children to get outside with my guide to children's games from around the world.

Agawang Sulok

Agawang Sulok Image Source

Agawang Sulok is a traditional Filipino children's game and literally translated means catch and own a corner. One child is 'it' and four other children each have a corner. The aim of the game is for the children to switch corners without the child who is 'it' getting their first. If they do, then the child without a corner is then 'it'.

Stalking the Drum

Stalking the Drum Image Source

Stalking the drum is a traditional Native American game to increase spatial awareness. All participants are blindfolded except one who beats a drum. This starts off as a loud, deep bang and fades to a soft, quiet bang. The blindfolded children must follow the noise and find where it is coming from.


Sardines Image Source

Sardines is a great game and doesn't necessarily need to play outside. A variant of hide and seek, one person goes to hide and one person is the finder. The remaining players have to find the person hiding and then join them before the finder finds them. Rather funny when you get more than a couple of people trying to squeeze into a small space.

Kappa Gantulu

Kappa Gantulu Image Credit

Kappa Gantulu is the Indian version of stone skimming. You need a lake, pond or flat body of water and some flat-bottomed stones. Throw the stones onto the water and watch it bounce over the surface. The player with the most bounces is the winner. Research has shown that an angle of about 20 degrees between the stone and the water is best.


British Bulldog

British Bulldog Image Credit

British Bulldog, also known as Red Rover or Cocky Laura, is survival of the fittest. One or two players stand in the middle of the playing area and are the "bulldogs". The remaining players then have to run from one side to the other without being caught. Those who are caught become bulldogs and the winner is the last player standing.

Chinese Jump Rope

Chinese Jump Rope Image Source

Chinese jump rope is a Chinese game similar to the western game of hopscotch. Two children stand facing each other with a circle of rope or elastic about 5 to 6 feet in length, pulled taught around their ankles. The other players then have to do a series of moves without stopping or hesitating. As the game progresses the rope gets higher therefore increasing the difficulty.

Ro, Cham, Beau

Ro, Cham, Beau Image Source

Versions of the game Rock, Paper, Scissors or Ro, Cham, Beau date back to the Chinese Han Dynasty. The game requires two players and is normally played in a best of three matches. While saying rock, paper, scissors, the two players bounce their fists up and down and then make the sign for rock, paper or scissors with their hands. Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beats rock. This game is often used to settle disagreements.

Declan Ruki

Declan Ruki Image Source

Declan Ruki is similar to Simon Says. One player becomes Simon and tells the other players what to do, such Simon says put your hands on your head. The trick is you should only do something if it preceded by Simon says. If you do what they say and they have not said this, then you are out. This is a popular children's party game and the winner is only remaining player.

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