Protect Your Kids with Mobile Internet Security Apps October 27 2011

We live in an age where we depend on mobile internet for everything in our daily lives from emails, to shopping, to working. We also use these services for our children and how they live their lives as well. But what we do not take into consideration is that your kid’s privacy and security may be at risk.

National Cyber security Awareness Month is in October, and it helps to bring about the awareness of bullying and other harmful treatments to our children. In the high tech world we live in, technology is with them everywhere they go.

Cyber bullying is quickly becoming a major concern for parents, but there are a few steps that that you can take to protect your children and reduce the risk that potential bullies may try and impose upon them. Mobile internet is not only for entertainment purposes, but can be a useful tool in other areas as well.

Essential Security Apps That Will Help to Protect Your Kids

with the advancement in app technology and with real time uploads and data available, your children can be safe, secure and within reach of you at all times even if they are not by your side. There are many apps that claim to be the best but not all deliver everything that they promise. While their intentions may be good with the services they are offering, you want the best apps when it comes to security.

Some of the best apps on the market are:

  • Bull Guard Mobile Security - This is a great parental control app that allows you to monitor all internet activity on your child’s phone including emails, messages, downloaded content, pictures, and online usage. You have remote access and the ability to cut off any harassing messages that have come in to your child’s phone and you can blacklist or block any number or contact from any social networks that can be a portal for harassment. There is also GPS tracking available and anti virus protection for added security.
  • Glympse - This is a location sharing app that allows you to check in with your kids and see where they are heading next. It comes with an interactive map and all information is shared privately among your family only. This will help to keep everyone safe because you will know where they are at during all hours of the day.
  • iChildAlert - If your child should go missing or you are unable to contact them for any reason, your odds of finding them quickly will increase with the download of this app. You can easily send out information about your kids over various social networks and police monitors, ensuring the safe return of your child.

There are other mobile internet apps that allow you to add intimate details like fingerprints and dental records to help keep your child safe. No matter which one you use, you can rest assured that you will be able to keep a closer eye on your loved ones.

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