Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Lesson Plan and More October 18 2011

Has your class gone to the pumpkin patch yet this fall? If you teach younger kids, the pumpkin patch is a fun and traditional outing - use this opportunity to incorporate your festive pumpkins into every day learning activities with your kids.

Pumpkin Reading and Writing Activities

Poems and songs are fun to share, especially during Calendar or Reading time. How to Write Pumpkin Poems and Songs is a free lesson plan that allows you not only to share fun poems and songs of the season, but offers you ways to teach your class how to write their own.

Regardless of how young or old your class is, it's essential to practice reading comprehension skills. Comprehension Activities about Pumpkins is a lesson plan that offers book suggestions all about pumpkins as well as a variety of comprehension strategies to use with your kids.

Use this Free Pumpkin Book Template with these activities or make your own writing assignment as you study and enjoy pumpkins in your classroom.

Pumpkin Math and Science Lesson Plans

Free Life Cycle of a Pumpkin Lesson Plan and PrintableThere is no substitute for the study of the Life Cycle of a Pumpkin. Use this free science lesson plan to help your kids learn about the cycle of plant growth - a helpful and artistic printable is included!

The scientific method is an important concept to explore no matter what grade you teach. Adjust this Ready Made Pumpkin Science Experiment as needed to incorporate the steps of  the scientific method with the fun of studying pumpkins.

Constructing equations and solving problems are essential skills, and this free math lesson plan and printable make it fun for kids to build these skills. This Scarecrow Math lesson plan is perfect for primary kids to explore math concepts and demonstrate their learning.

While studying pumpkins, remember to hand on to those seeds! Dry them out and use them for this Pumpkin Seed Math Game, printable included.

Whether or not you've been to the pumpkin patch, a load of pumpkins of various sizes are required for this fun and educational series of Pumpkin Math Activities.  Use them as part of a pumpkin celebration, and kids will have fun while building essential math skills!

A Pumpkin Art Project

Last but certainly not least, take some educational down time and explore artistic expression with your students and this lesson plan, The Art of the Pumpkin. Any of these ready-made activities will provide an afternoon of peace and beautiful pieces of pumpkin art!