The Male/Female Difference September 28 2011

Earlier this month, I took both of my boys to their new classrooms on the first day at our local elementary school. My oldest is nine years old and attends a fourth grade class run by a Miss Y. Here's a picture of his desk that first morning:

My youngest is six, and his first grade teacher is Mr. W. Here's a picture of his desk on that same morning:

Later, looking through the First Day of School pictures, my husband commented on the difference that I had noticed first off that morning. My husband is a teacher, too - he asked if I thought the differences illustrated by these two photos were par for the course or isolated incidents. I'm not sure.

All I know for sure is that Noah - the first grader - is a live wire, and I can't think of a better teacher for him, especially considering his adventures last year in kindergarten. Aaron could take lessons from an inanimate potato and still learn something because that's the kind of learner he is. In any case, I thought these pictures were funny ~

What do you think?