Five Ways to Better Connect With Your Students September 27 2011

Teachers become more successful when they are able to connect with their students. The teacher-student relationship is very important in order for classroom discussions to prosper.

So how can teachers better connect with their students? Here are five ways which you might find useful:

Get to Know Each Other

The first step to forging a good relationship with one’s students is to get to know them first. You can interview your students during class on topics and other matters that interest them and you also have to share with them some information about yourself. You can share with them your interests and expectations so that they would know what you want to achieve in class. You can also think of fun games and getting to know activities that would help you discover each other’s personalities. This way, once you are able to gauge your student’s interests and learning styles, you would be able to utilize more effective teaching strategies. Students would feel that they too are important if you show that you value them as unique individuals.

Be More Interactive

Another way to win your students’ hearts is to provide a more interactive discussion in class. This means that you encourage classroom discussions where students are given freedom to express their opinions and insights. Students would feel that they are valued if you allow them to discuss things that they are interested in. With this, you can exchange ideas and opinions which is a good way to further enhance your knowledge. Aside from interactive discussions, you can also encourage healthy debates and related exercises.

Allow Students to Share Insights

You can also opt to give your students homework and other projects that would give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences. For instance why not give them an essay writing or journal writing assignment for English class? For science projects, why not involve them in environmental studies or community research?

Join Extracurricular Activities in School

If you want to build a great relationship with students, it’s best if you make your presence felt even beyond class hours. Why not attend school gatherings and extracurricular activities? This way, you can show students that you are there to support them. They will definitely appreciate the effort.

Use Videos to Forge a More Personal Connection with Students

Since online classes and long distance learning is already popular today, it’s best that you communicate with your students through video or chat to pave way for a personal connection. If you can’t be physically present in class, at least, try to provide an environment that is almost similar to the conventional classroom setup.

Getting to know your students better will take time. You must first build a relationship, trust one another and both be willing to make an effort to get long. As you can see, here are a few different ideas you can consider this school you., is a place for college students to find their first credit card, as well as find helpful college tips through a blog.