Weather Dial Printable Craft and Lesson Plan February 19 2011

Your students will enjoy creating and using their own weather dials. Here's a printable My Weather Dial template to help you get your weather lesson started.


Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Students will learn to identify, describe, read and draw different types of weather, such as sunny, sunny & cloudy, cloudy, rainy, stormy and snowy.



1. Color the weather inside each circle.
2. Cut out the hand, small circles, large circle and words “My Weather Dial”.
3. Glue the large circle in the middle of the construction paper.
4. Glue the small circles around the large circle.
5. Glue the words “My Weather Dial” above the circle.
6. Use a hole punch and brad to attach the “Today is” hand.

The weather dial can be added to your morning morning meeting, and incorporated as a daily weather lesson.