Teaching Students How to Address an Envelope February 19 2011

Your students will enjoy addressing and creating their own envelopes. Here's a printable How to Address an Envelope for your lesson plan.


Students learn how to address and mail an envelope.




  1. Make one copy of the How to Address an Envelope for each student and one overhead transparency copy for your instruction.
  2. Create a K-W-L (know, want to know and learned) chart entitled, How to Address an Envelope. Review their answers and create your lesson depending upon their prior knowledge and what they want/need to know. (Step 3 starts with a flexible guide.)
  3. Either on the white board or on an overhead transparency, show the students how to address the the envelope using the How to Address an Envelope printable as a guide.
  4. Show the students how to cut, fold and paste the envelope.
  5. Explain that the cost to send the envelope will vary depending upon the size and weight of the envelope . If we are sending a heavy or large envelope, we may have to pay for extra postage. If the post office has a self service machine we can weigh the envelope there, print out the postage and drop it in the box on our own. If the post office doesn't, we have to stand in line and wait. If you already know the postage needed, you can put it in the out-going mailbox at your home or school. Explain what the current postage rate is for a regular size envelope. The 2011 rate for a First-Class Mail letter (1 oz ) is 44 cents. You may also want to explain Forever Stamps, which can be used to mail a one-ounce letter regardless of when the stamps are purchased or used and no matter how prices may change in the future.
  6. Encourage the students to think of a design for their own stamp on their envelope.
  7. After the students create their envelopes (see "Students" below), complete the "L" (learned) part of the K-W-L chart.


1. Cut on the doted lines.
2. Fold on the solid lines.
3. Paste the sides together.
4. Address the envelope.
5. Write a note to put inside the envelope.
6. Seal the envelope shut with a dab of glue.
7. Put postage on the envelope. For this assignment, they will design their own postage stamp. Students write the current postage amount or the words "USA First-Class Forever" on the stamp they design                                                                                                                                                                               8. Send in the mail. (Check with postal service about size before sending in the mail.)

Note: This envelope is for classroom instructional purposes, and not created to send by the postal service (see clasroom mailbox below).

Extension Activities:

  • Classroom Mailbox - Designed for Valentine's, but students can use these at any time.
  • Friendly Letter - Explains the parts of a friendly letter. Students write letters directly onto the printable.
  • Friendly Letter to a Leprechaun - Explains the parts of a friendly letter. Students write letters to the leprechaun directly onto the printable.
  • Create a small table with a Classroom Post Office sign above it in your classroom. Keep pencils, crayons, paper, friendly letter templates and envelopes on the table. A word wall and words writing book is also helpful to have on hand when students proofread the letters and envelopes. Create a "Note for the Teacher" mailbox. Students can create their own letters and either hand deliver the letters to family and friends or put the letters in your mailbox.