Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzy Craft and Writer's Workshop Book January 30 2011

Your students will love to make their own, unique Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzies!

Students will also enjoy writing stories about their Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzy during Writer's Workshop. Students can keep their their Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzies or give the craft as Valentine's Day gifts to parents or grandparents.


  • Yarn (red or pink)
  • Chenille stems (red, pink or white)
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Construction paper
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • My Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzy book (optional writing activity)


Create the Warm Fuzzy Ball of Yarn:

  1. Wrap the yarn around your 4 fingers at least 100 times. Use your thumb to hold the yarn in place. (For younger students, such as Kindergarten, have them wrap the yarn around a paper towel roll. Write each student's name on the paper towel roll. They may need more time to wrap it, so you can set the rolls aside until the next day to finish).
  2. After rolling the yarn around your 4 fingers (or paper towel roll) at least 100 times, pull it off. Use about 3 inches of yarn to tie the circle of yarn in a knot on one side.
  3. Cut around the knot until you make a circular ball. Keep turning the ball around in a circular motion until you are done.

Creating the Character and Details:

  1. Message - Write a message on a small rectangular piece of construction paper, such as "True Love". Choose any words you like. Think about the person you will give the Valentine's Day Warm Fuzzy to when you write the message.
  2. Feet- Fold construction paper in half. Cut a small half-heart out of the construction paper. Glue the message (#1) on top of the heart feet. Make sure you can see the message as you then glue the warm fuzzy ball of yarn on top of the message and feet.
  3. Character - Glue on the wiggly eyes and chenille stems. You can also add a heart mouth or bend the chenille stems any way you wish to add character.

Extension Activities:

Recommended Book:

Holiday Readers Variety Pack (Includes Valentine’s Day)