Valentine's Day Card for Parents January 16 2011

Here's a Valentine's Day card for your students' parents!

Students will learn how to write a card, which is similar to a friendly letter. Students will write the greeting (parent's name on the front), date, body, complimentary close and signature. This Valentine's Day card will save you time because it requires very little teacher prep, and the parents will love it.




  1. Use your pencil to write the person's name on the cover inside the banner.
  2. Inside the card, use your pencil to write the date on the upper right hand corner of the Valentine, (example, 2/14/2011).
  3. Inside the card, use your pencil to write a special note.
  4. Use your pencil to write a closing and your signature. (e.g. Love, Alana)
  5. Use your crayons to decorate the cover, inside of the card and key.
  6. Proofread your card.
  7. Now, trace over the pencil with a black marker.
  8. Paste the cover over the inside of the card.
  9. Use a hole puncher to attach the string and key.
  10. Give your card to your parent or grandparent on Valentine's Day.