100th Day of School Cootie Catcher January 16 2011

Print out the Smart Cootie Catcher template now, so you are all ready to go before the 100th Day of School! 

The 100th day of school is almost here! Here's an activity that's educational, differentiated and fun for your students. During your childhood, you may have gotten into trouble at school for making and playing this fun, distracting and addictive game. Let's put a spin on the cootie catcher and make it useful and smart.

The 100th Day of School Smart Cootie Catcher lesson plan can be differentiated for each student, which makes it ideal and very useful. In addition, the Smart Cootie Catcher template can be used for other types of lesson plans too (such as studying coins), so you'll definitely want to keep a copy of it in your files.

[caption id="attachment_7580" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Instead of writing numbers to count by, students can emboss coins on the front flaps."][/caption]




While reviewing assessments or correcting tests, keep one Fun Differentiated Instruction Sheet on hand for each student, so you can fill in the outside and inside flaps. Later, students can use this as a guide as they create their 100th Day of School Smart Cootie Catcher.

  1. Use the Smart Coote Catcher template provided and instructions.
  2. Cut and fold the Smart Cootie Catcher.
  3. Now, imagine...  What do you want your 100th Day of School Cootie Catcher to look?
  4. Lay it flat on the table with only the front flaps showing, begin by using your pencil. Feel free to be creative.
  5. Here are some suggestions, to make each cootie catcher most helpful and differentiated for each student. You can either make one with coins or follow directions below.
  • Front Flaps- Practice counting to 100 by 2, 5, 10 and 20. Write the following numbers on the front flaps. 2, 5, 10 and 20. (Use these as numbers to start with when counting to one hundred. For example, if someone chooses 20, Say, "20, 40, 60, 80 100.) This can be differentiated, depending upon the numbers you would like that particular student to study.
  • Inside Flaps- Choose 8 addition, subtraction, multiplication or division problems or names of coins.  You can look at your assessment and test records to determine the numbers and types of problems you would like each student to study. For example, if Alana needs to study multiplication by 9's, she can write, "2x9 =, 3x9=, 4x9=, 5x9=, 6x9=, 7x9=, 8x9=, 9x9=" on the inside flaps. If instead you'd like the student to study coins and Alana needs to study the value of dimes, she can write, "1 dime =, 2 dimes =, 3 dimes = 4 dimes =, 5 dimes =, 6 dimes =, 7 dimes =, 8 dimes =". You can choose what type of coin you'd like each student to study depending upon their needs.
  • Under the Inside Flaps- Student writes the correct answers to each problem.

Playing the 100th Day of School Cootie Catcher Game:

  1. Put the Smart Cootie Catcher in your hands. Close it.
  2. Ask a person to choose a number. Count by that number until you reach 100.
  3. Do this 2 times.
  4. Ask the person to choose a problem inside.
  5. Then, ask him to guess the answer.
  6. Open the inside and say the answer.