Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search January 08 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr. was gifted with words. Most of all, he spoke the truth and was able to lead a peaceful uprising, successfully bringing light to the truth of his words. This Martin Luther King, Jr. Word Search is unique in that it includes ten quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. Each word in bold can be found in the word search. Each student chooses a favorite quote and explains how he/she can demonstrate the quote.

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s quotes are included as part of the word search in hopes that the students will truly listen to and model his words. The quotes can be used to generate classroom discussion and lead into additional lesson plans.




  1. If you were able to make a transparency of the word search and quotes, place it on the overhead projector. (optional)
  2. Read a quote and help the students find the first word.
  3. Give an example of a favorite quote and possible answer.


  1. Complete the Martin Luther King, Jr. word search in groups or independently.
  2. Circle your favorite quote.
  3. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., how can you demonstrate the meaning of this quote?

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