New Year's Resolution Writing Template and Lesson Plan December 11 2010

Here's a free My New Year's Resolution writing prompt and lesson plan.



  1. Discuss and write the definition of the term, New Year's Resolution on an overhead or the whiteboard.   "A decision that you make on the first day of the year about the things that you intend to do or stop doing during that year"(MacMillan Dictionary, on-line, 12/11/2010).
  2. Read aloud the writing prompt. "Describe one goal you have for this year. Why is this goal important to you? How do you plan to reach this goal?"
  3. If you intend to post the New Year's Resolutions on a bulletin board tell the students now, before they start writing.
  4. Students begin writing their New Year's resolutions.
  5. Students revise for clarity and conventions (grammar, punctuation and spelling).


MacMillan Dictionary