Free Calendar Template for Students December 07 2010

Your students will love to create their own one of a kind calendars. The calendars can be created as gifts for parents or grandparents.


Students' Instructions:

  1. Color the months and write the year for each one. Remember to go up one year when you get to January.
  2. Cut out and glue the month and year to each page of your calendar.
  3. Write the appropriate number of days on each month.
  4. Write in any special birthdays or holidays your family celebrates (optional).
  5. Decorate the sheet of construction paper for the cover.
  6. Use a hole punch to make three holes along the top.
  7. Tie string or yarn through the holes.
  8. Create art for each month. Either draw it straight on the page or create the art for each month on a separate sheet of paper. To make sure it fits on the page, cut around it with scissors (e.g. wavy scissors for a decorative effect) and tape or glue it on.