Free Writers' Workshop, My Reindeer Puppet and Mini-Book December 04 2010

Your students will love creating their own reindeer puppets and stories. Here's a free lesson plan, printable puppets, story web and mini-book.


Instructions (for students):

  1. Color the My Reindeer puppet.
  2. Write notes for the story on the story web.
  3. Write a draft of the story.
  4. Cut out the mini-book and staple the pages together.
  5. Complete the cover, title page and number each page of the book. (There are 7 lines on the web, because one page is a title page.)
  6. Write the story in the book. (The back of each page, left side, is for illustrations and the right side is for text.)
  7. Cut out and glue the puppet onto a popsicle stick.
  8. Act out your My Reindeer story.