Counting Money, Differentiated Gift Shopping Printable November 30 2010

Here’s a free Gift Shopping, Learning to Count Money printable!

This printable has been designed to use after assessing your students' prior knowledge. It is meant to be differentiated, depending upon the student's needs.



1. After completing pre-assessments, the student circles the money he/she needs to study.

2. Student draws the amount of money on the right side. Then, the student writes the amount inside the green box.

(E.g., Drawing a simple circle with "25" inside the circle, can symbolize a quarter. Drawing a rectangle with a dollar sign and "1' can symbolize a dollar.)

3. Student draws the gift on the left  side. Then, the student writes the purchase price of the gift on the tag.

3. Students draw a line from total amount of counted money to the gift they can buy with that amount. (Needs to be the exact amount.)


  • On the upper-right of the printable, you will see "other bills to study". This can be used for larger bills (e.g. $5, $10, $100, etc.)
  • Here's a Gift Shopping, Learning to Count Quarters and Dollars printable.
  • Students can use pretend money as they count. (optional).

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