December Bulletin Board Ideas November 22 2010

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Celebrate the energy of the holiday season with bulletin boards that are more traditional or creative in nature. Here are a few ideas to inspire!

Go Traditional

Festive and fun, traditional ideas for December bulletin boards can be easily be found. If you are interested in making a holiday-themed bulletin board, here are Christmas Ornament Templates to fit a variety of different needs across the curriculum. Create a large paper Christmas tree on a bulletin board and use these ornaments in the following ways:

  • Have students make  short-vowel or long-vowel ornaments to decorate the tree to practice word families
  • Review addition, subtraction or multiplication math facts, writing math problems on one side and the answers on the back. Attach with pins so the ornaments can be taken off and put back on your tree.
  • Use the ornaments to represent statistical data in your class
  • Put a sight word on each ornament to review each day with your students
  • Use the ornaments to help students master grammar skills

This traditional tree is a great resource to use in your classroom, but you may want to break into something new!

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You Can't Catch Me, I'm the Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread Man can be a fun bulletin board idea for you and your kids. When my oldest son was in kindergarten, his class discovered one day that the Gingerbread Man had escaped from their room!

The school participated in "Searching for the Gingerbread Man," leaving clues around the school for the class of Kindys to find. As the kids collected the clues, they received a tour of important areas, like the Office, Library, Cafeteria, and Gym. Once they made it back to their classroom, they found a note from the Gingerbread Man along with a pile of cookies for the kids to eat instead of him.

To put a spin on this idea,  get your staff and/or your students involved by having the Gingerbread Man visit a variety of places. Whoever has him must take a picture of him somewhere to post on the bulletin board. Another option is to have the Gingerbread Man write the class clues about where he's been that they must figure out for a prize.

Christmas Around the World

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Add diversity and research skills to your objectives this month. Use bulletin board space to reflect your kids' research about Christmas Around the World using the provided reading material and process grid. Identify each country researched, then compare food, music, trees and decorations, gifts, and religious practices, using the information to create an informative bulletin board.

Instead of researching Christmas traditions around the world, compare and contrast December holidays like Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and Christmas. Use this December Holidays Process Chart for research purposes and create a bulletin board with your kids from the information.

Unwrap a Good Book

December is a wonderful time to review with your students how many books you all have read so far this year. Using reading notebooks and logs, have students tally how many complete books they've read along with what you have read aloud to them. After choosing their favorite, your students can create a simple book cover with story elements on white 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Post these on a bulletin board and cover with wrapping paper cut so that flaps can be opened to reveal the story elements of each book.

Whether more traditional or diverse, December bulletin boards can add to the festive feeling of December as well as to your students' overall education in your classroom!