Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot Contest and Giveaway! November 15 2010

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Celebrate Thanksgiving by entering to win our Turkey Shoot Giveaway!

What is a Turkey Shoot?

When I first contemplated the idea of a Turkey Shoot giveaway, I have to say that the idea seemed a bit macabre, especially given how much I like turkeys. I based a whole writing lesson on helping turkeys escape Thanksgiving dinner, after all!

However, after further research I discovered that "Turkey Shoot" actually has a few different meanings:

  1. A shooting contest where those with guns aim for paper targets. The closest to the center mark wins a frozen turkey as a prize.
  2. Similar to "shot in the dark," the term refers to using random solutions to solve a problem until one of them works.
  3. To take advantage of a situation. This particular shade of meaning might refer to the Turkey Shoots of the early 1800s, where participants shot at turkeys who were tied down in a pen from about twenty-five feet away.

How Do I Enter?

While our giveaway will not involve shooting guns, it will involve participation for solving a problem. Leave a comment answering or commenting on this question:

I've been thinking a lot about "Building an Attitude of Gratitude" with kids during this time of year.  What is your best idea to help kids realize and show what they're truly thankful for?

What's the Prize?

Leave your comment below to win one of our new Teaching Resource Center Tote Bags!

The Rules:

  • Enter by leaving a comment below about helping kids build an "Attitude of Gratitude"
  • One entry per person
  • The contest closes Friday, 11/19 at 11:59 PST
  • Each contestant will be entered and the winner randomly selected
  • Good luck!

And the Winner Is?

Jane from the comment below! Thanks for playing the Turkey Shoot Giveaway, and have a Happy Turkey Day!