Thanksgiving Writing, I am Thankful, Corn on the Cob November 14 2010

Students will enjoy creating their own I am Thankful corn on the cobs.  Each corn on the cob can be displayed on a bulletin board, or it can be pasted to the cover of student created I am Thankful writers' workshop book.


I am Thankful Writers Workshop Book (optional)

  • Story Web and Draft
  • Parts of a Story
  • Several Sheets of White Paper
  • Pencil
  • Crayons

I am Thankful Bulletin Board (optional)

  • I am Thankful Corn (finished by the students)
  • Green Bulletin Board Paper (Tear into tall, long strips and crumple up to look like corn stalks)
  • Blue Bulletin Board Paper
  • Yellow Construction Paper (Cut into a circle for the sun)



  1. Color the corn and husk.
  2. Finish the sentence, "I am thankful for _____________."
  3. Cut out the corn and husk.

Display Options:

  • Post on the classroom bulletin board.
  • Glue to the front of a student created writers' workshop, I am Thankful, book.